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Internet & Networking "[VMWare's] latest creation is a tool called Horizon Mobile, and it too is meant for big businesses. The idea is that employees can use a phone's native operating system for personal tasks, but then switch over to a virtual machine that runs a separate OS for business tasks."
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RE: What about Containers?
by phoenix on Tue 6th Mar 2012 17:36 UTC in reply to "What about Containers?"
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Since this is for iOS, which comes from MacOS X, which includes various FreeBSD and NetBSD bits, it would be a container-based solution like jails (which pre-date the Linux-based solutions like OpenVZ, Linux-VServer, LXC, etc). ;)

Try explaining to someone that you jailbroke your iPhone in order to run a jail, to keep your business line separate from your personal line. ;)

Would you need dual-SIM support in the phone, or does the VM create a virtual-SIM?

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