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Linux "The Linux operating system for the Raspberry Pi bare-bones computer is ready to download. The Arch Linux ARM download is based on Arch Linux, which the Raspberry Pi Foundation says 'provides a lightweight base structure that allows you to shape the system to your needs'."
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Since when is having a full-fledge, working GUI the "antithesis" of a programmer's paradise? Why is a CLI interface suddenly the "holy grail" of teaching kids about programming?

Not all programmer's want to use vi. Not all programmer's want to tinker with the basic configuration of an OS.

Some just want a system to boot to a nice GUI, and provide them with the tools they need to start programming. Like a nice GUI text editor linked with a terminal app linked with a compiler linked with a debugger.

Debian works well for those types of programmers, who just want to get into the programming, and not the OS tinkering.

Oh for crying out loud, can you not f--king read?
At which point did I even imply anything which you're accusing me of? At which point was Linux distributions humanised and referred to as a person rather than object? (ie where i talk about "who" and "people" when making my point and where I suspect most people have jumped to the wrong conclusion)

I've repeatedly stated I wasn't passing comment about Debian but instead about users who are not interested in tinkering. I never even suggested that those kind of users are typical of Debian.

Please excuse me if I sound unnecessarily arsey, but I sick and tired of having idiots like yourself twist my comments into some anti-debian bullshit - particularly when I'm actually a great fan of the distribution.

So, for the love of god, learn to f--king read before jumping on the defensive.


edit: and yes, I know there's no need for language like that nor personal attacks, but to read a reply where someone is accusing me of bashing Debian / GUIs when that very posted you're replying to is a comment I've made stating I'm not even discussing Debian nor GUIs - well it's more than just a little frustrating ;)

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