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Internet & Networking "[VMWare's] latest creation is a tool called Horizon Mobile, and it too is meant for big businesses. The idea is that employees can use a phone's native operating system for personal tasks, but then switch over to a virtual machine that runs a separate OS for business tasks."
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by galvanash on Wed 7th Mar 2012 01:13 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by henderson101"
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Actually this makes it easier for users to BYOD. Due to regulatory compliance on numerous fronts IT departments need to be able to strip access to email and remote systems as fast as possible. Being able to wipe a virtual image is far better than wiping an entire phone.

I don't look at it that way at all. Yes, it is definitely better to only wipe company data than to wipe the entire device - that is a given. But I don't believe virtualization is the way to get there. Let Apple and Google figure out how to do this in their OS (and they are working on this problem)...

The problem with VMs is that now users have to manage 2 seperate inboxes, 2 seperate sets of apps, 2 seperate everythings... Do you really think anyone _really_ wants to do that? If the problem is simply being able to do selective wipes than VMs are not the solution.

With iOS 5 you can already selectively wipe email (i.e. wipe all the users company email without affecting their other email accounts). And the user still gets the benefit of having a unified inbox... That is why I think it is stupid to address this with VMs - it destroys usability to the point that no one wants to use it...

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