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Windows "Microsoft has laid out its roadmap for the next version of Windows Embedded, with a preview of the standard version available to download now. Windows Embedded is the specialized version of the OS that you'll often see running in devices ranging from kiosks and ATMs to car dashboards and medical equipment. It looks like the next version will be labeled with the Windows 8 branding across the board, though it's officially being called Windows Embedded v.Next in Microsoft's press release."
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RE: I have been a fan of CE
by Heard on Wed 7th Mar 2012 21:09 UTC in reply to "I have been a fan of CE"
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You do know that Windows Embedded Standard isn't Windows CE?

It's the full-fledged Windows NT. If you use all components you mostly end with Windows 7/8 Professional. (+ useful stuff as the EWF) And it has a long tradition starting with Windows Embedded NT. There are a lot companies using it. For example in the defense area or in kiosk terminals.

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