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Apple And it was that time of the year again - Apple held one of its product announcements. This one focussed on the iPad mostly, and while some will call it a disappointment merely because virtually everything had already been leaked, I'm still in awe over the fact the newly announced iPad has a 2048x1536 display. My mind is blown.
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RE: Not really Retina, is it?
by Laurence on Wed 7th Mar 2012 23:43 UTC in reply to "Not really Retina, is it?"
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Correct me if I'm wrong here, but Apple made a big deal out of the iPhone 4/4s having 326ppi and went to great lengths to tell everyone that the human eye was unable to discern more than 300 or so ppi. They coined the term "retina" based on pixel density alone, not perceived sharpness at different viewing distances.

And now they're saying this new iPad's "measly" 264ppi is retina display spec as well, just because you hold it further away from you?!

Yeah, I agree that it's nice to have resolution better than my 40" TV or 13" laptop LCD on a 9.7" slate, and I know viewing distance plays a big part in perceived image sharpness..... but it's still inconsistent with Apple's past claims about what a retina display is supposed to be.

I'm usually the 1st to find fault with Apple's business practices, but in fairness here, everyone makes up BS terms to sell their display-focused devices - many of who dream up far more imprecise definitions.

Whether that be "retina displays", the high def "standard" (how many resolutions are classed as "HD" these days?) or even LCD TVs that are miss-sold as "LED TVs" simply because they use LED back lights (rather than true OLED displays - which I'm guessing manufacturers are hoping consumers get muddled for). It's all just worthless jargon.

So it's really no wonder that consumers are confused when it comes to technology when the fact's that they are presented don't even hint at the true specs.

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