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Apple And it was that time of the year again - Apple held one of its product announcements. This one focussed on the iPad mostly, and while some will call it a disappointment merely because virtually everything had already been leaked, I'm still in awe over the fact the newly announced iPad has a 2048x1536 display. My mind is blown.
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RE[3]: Still Crippled.
by WorknMan on Thu 8th Mar 2012 05:26 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Still Crippled."
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Why do I have to use an external iTunes to download and then copy over the podcast when the device is capable of getting it and storing it all within itself. Is the iPad a computer or not?

Sorry, I misunderstood you. If you want to listen to podcasts on your iPad, there are several podcasts apps available on the iPad that will download the podcasts straight to your device. You don't need to use a 'traditional' PC for that.

If it is a "real" computer (and having the complete iLife suite seems to imply it is) then why do I need yet another computer to make it work?

Well, this is not a 'real' computer in the traditional sense. It does not replace a 'traditional' PC anymore than a bicycle replaces a car (although it CAN for some people. That's not what it is designed for.

That being said, you don't NEED a computer to use this. The only time I've had to interface with my PC is for file transfers. If you want to get a file from a PC to a tablet, you're obviously going to need a PC, unless you use Dropbox or something. As for app syncing and stuff, you can do all that in the cloud if you want.

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