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Windows As you may have seen, David's been taking care of OSNews for a few days because I'm quite busy with work. Still, there's one thing I'd like to talk about: the desktop mode in Windows 8. I wish I could've added this to the first impressions article, but I only arrived at this conclusion yesterday: desktop mode in Windows 8 is Microsoft's equivalent of Mac OS X's Classic mode.
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RE[2]: Mac OS X's Classic mode
by WereCatf on Thu 8th Mar 2012 06:56 UTC in reply to "RE: Mac OS X's Classic mode"
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filesystem used

While there are a few filesystems I'd like to be able to use I have to ask you one question here: how does Microsoft's choice of filesystem affect you? Are there some things you cannot do with it but you can do with e.g. ext4? Have you found a performance-regression that no one else is aware of?

Or are you just lambasting it for the sake of lambasting it, without any actual real-world scenario behind it to justify such?

ram usage

Do clarify, what is wrong with Win7's RAM usage?

registry (.conf files, yes please)

Tell that to application developers. There is nothing stopping them from using .conf - files.

Also, are you similarly against e.g. gconf2 which is in practice the same thing as Windows registry?

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