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Apple And it was that time of the year again - Apple held one of its product announcements. This one focussed on the iPad mostly, and while some will call it a disappointment merely because virtually everything had already been leaked, I'm still in awe over the fact the newly announced iPad has a 2048x1536 display. My mind is blown.
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by pandronic on Thu 8th Mar 2012 10:34 UTC
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Whoopty-fucking-doo, so Apple crammed 3145728 pixels in a 10" screen. Now I feel myself caring less that their product is so locked down that I can't even have a stupid file manager and that every application needs to have their own fucking copy of the files. Oh, and also, I've totally forgotten that Apple constantly tries to kill all competition by claiming to have invented the rounded-corner rectangle. And it totally slipped my mind that Apple promoted this whole crappy walled garden concept, that will make computing as exciting as programming your washing machine.

And what's this fetish with high-resolution? It's not like there is a perceivable difference, between 1280x800 and 2048x1536 on a freaking 10" display. You resolution snobs are really as bad as audiophiles. I've heard that there's a nice gold plated, pure-silver, high-definition, super-retina clarity, dynamic filtering power cable that will triple the count of useless pixels on your iPad's screen.

Actually, if I think about it, it's pretty crappy that Apple's UI isn't truly scalable and every time they want to enlarge the resolution, they need to double it, so it doesn't look like crap.

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