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Amiga & AROS "The Timberwolf team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the first beta version of Timberwolf 4.0.1. Timberwolf is an AmigaOS web browser based on Firefox/Mozilla technology. This technology is more than just a browser, it is an enabling technology, bringing powerful tools such as html5, WebM, JavaScript, XUL, and more to AmigaOS 4.x. These are the building blocks for other applications as well, such as the email client 'Thunderbird' or the media center 'Songbird'. This first beta release includes almost the full functionality of the browser, allowing style-sheet enabled web browsing, secure connections, use of Firefox add-on and more."
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RE: I'm sure the four people
by bloodline on Thu 8th Mar 2012 14:15 UTC in reply to "I'm sure the four people"
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That still use AmigaOS will be happy. not to be snarky and I do like that OS News is the home of teh funky but Geez, Commodore has been dead for...what? 20+ years now? C'mon guys, let the thing die in peace. i know your pain, i was an OS/2 user, but there needs to come a time where you take it out back and tell it to think about the rabbits while you pull out the revolver.

So please, just let the poor thing go, this is like announcing a new FF for Win3.x or...well OS/2. No take that back I can't even say OS/2 as at least there is a company that will actually sell you a supported OS/2, eComStation, whereas Amiga has been the kiss of death to anybody that tried to sell it. Believe me I wish it weren't so, a world with Apple, MSFT, OS/2 and Amiga all competing would be a most interesting and innovative world, but the time is past, the company long dead, its time for a moment of silence and a few clumps sprinkled over the casket before walking away.

Wow! Not sure where that rant came from... This is OS News dot com you know... It's the place for stuff about hobby OS. Some people enjoy using AOS4 and they are probably really excited about this new browser.

I'm an AROS fan so I can understand how these guys feel (common heritage and all).

As a side note, I would be intrigued to see a modern browser for Win3.1 or OS/2... This sort of stuff is fun for those of us who enjoy non mainstream OS as a hobby.

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