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Google "As day one of the annual Pwn2Own hacker contest wound down on Wednesday, no browser suffered more abuse than Google Chrome, which was felled by an attack exploiting a previously unknown vulnerability in the most up-to-date version. Combined with a separate contest Google sponsored a few feet away, it was the second zero-day attack visited on Chrome in a span of a few hours." Google fixed the issue within 24 hours.
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MS has to regression test everything against all of the dependencies in Windows and a host of third part solutions that depend on IE.

Chrome, being not part of any operating system anyone really cares about ( sorry Chrome OS), doesn't have to do that much and can roll out the updates and bugfixes much faster.

Amazing how you made it sound so easy to support multiple platforms and oh soo difficult to test on only 1 platform! And the tech ignorant quickly gave you plusses! ;)


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