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Windows Wednesday was the big day for Microsoft - the largest overhaul of its operating system since Windows 95 (heck, I'd argue the overhaul is far larger than Windows 95) went into consumer preview. I've been running it on my Asus ZenBook since its release, and in all honesty, it's not as arduous as I expected. I'm not planning on doing a full review, but I do want to mention a number of things - both positive and negative - that stood out to me.
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Expecting Steam to be integrated into Metros games section is like expecting Apple to release Android apps IMO.

Or maybe like like Google having apps on iOS, or MS on OSX...

And contrary to what peoples gut feeling tells them Windows 7 is exactly the same speed as Windows 8. No difference whatsoever, a speed increase only exists is imagination land.

Well I don't think many expect higher actual performance, benchmark numbers, and such (though some certainly do expect it...) - but it's entirely conceivable that the system is now tweaked, "acts" and feels smoother to the user (like so many claim in BeOS threads, here)

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