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Apple And it was that time of the year again - Apple held one of its product announcements. This one focussed on the iPad mostly, and while some will call it a disappointment merely because virtually everything had already been leaked, I'm still in awe over the fact the newly announced iPad has a 2048x1536 display. My mind is blown.
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RE[12]: Not interesting
by Moochman on Sat 10th Mar 2012 03:37 UTC in reply to "RE[11]: Not interesting"
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Just because iOS gets it wrong does not invalidate the premise, and simply adding a file manager does not fix the problems with iOS - it's problems are self inflicted and have nothing to do with the absence of a file management UI.

Well, we're speaking the same language now. But the thing is, the two do go hand in hand to some degree--because file management is the common interface to the world outside the device. And the fact remains, on Android I can just plug my phone into a USB port on any computer (using an industry standard cable no less), and copy data this way and that to my heart's content. All because it has a file hierarchy that I can see. Is that so awful? Is it so wrong to offer a file manager, even if that's not the *primary* or *recommended* way that things are done on the system? And what might you suggest as a solution to this "backwards compatibility" problem, without offering file management capabilities? Hmm??

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