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Amiga & AROS Sure, we have AmigaOS and MorphOS, but those cost money and require special hardware. For those of us more interested in running an Amiga-like operating system on regular, x86 hardware, there's AROS. Two AROS distributions, Icaros Desktop and AspireOS both saw new releases recently.
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RE: Oh, how the world has changed
by Neolander on Tue 13th Mar 2012 07:48 UTC in reply to "Oh, how the world has changed"
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See it this way : to display HTML5, you just need to port some of the dozens of open-source web browser rendering engines out there, put a simple frontend around it, and you're done. It won't be pretty, but it should do the job well enough to advertise "HTML5 compatibility". Prerequisites do not go much beyond having GUI ready.

To print, now, you need a lot more infrastructure work : not only GUI, but also a printer driver model, printer drivers themselves, code that allows application code to talk to printers, GUI that makes it easy to do, all that knowing that as with any infrastructure work, the silliest mistake will follow you across the OS versions to come due to the need to maintain driver and UX compatibility (whereas with a web browser, you can just ditch the old rendering and replace it with another one and users won't even notice).

The two tasks have a similar "wow, this OS is grown-up now" factor, but printing is an order of magnitude more complex to implement. It is as such logical that it comes second, unless it is a priority to developers.

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