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Windows Okay, so this one actually bothers me quite a deal in the Windows 8 consumer preview: the fonts in Metro look fuzzy - they look like fonts on Mac OS X. Because of the Mac OS X resemblance, I had assumed that Metro switched to a shape-accurate rendering method, like Mac OS X uses, but as it turns out, it's a little less exotic than that.
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Cleartype is about using the 3 subpixels in any TFT display to triple the effective DPI of your monitor.

Tripling the DPI is a bit of a bold statement. First, it only works in one direction. Second, it only works when displaying black on white or vice versa. And then, with the rise of OLED and the technological issues associated with emitting blue light, PenTile arrangements start to become popular, effectively negating the advantages of subpixel rendering...

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