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Windows Okay, so this one actually bothers me quite a deal in the Windows 8 consumer preview: the fonts in Metro look fuzzy - they look like fonts on Mac OS X. Because of the Mac OS X resemblance, I had assumed that Metro switched to a shape-accurate rendering method, like Mac OS X uses, but as it turns out, it's a little less exotic than that.
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I know it isn't that exactly, but maybe you would like to listen to that developers life talk by the guy that created the technology, that I linked. He explains it better than I.

BTW the Podcasts in general are really good BTW and really open you eyes to how other developers think. I think you may get something out of it Neolander ... I certainly have. Some of the ideas have had profound changes to how I think about Software Development in general.

I know it doesn't work in other circumstances other than the most generic ... but are you supposed to do? They tried to make it better for most use cases.

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