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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless A big day today for 20 million Android users out there: Samsung has started the process of updating the Galaxy SII to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Sadly, only a few European countries and South Korea will get it this week, although you can flash the official ROM yourself if you so desire (like I did today). Sadlier sadly, its TouchWiz is virtually identical to that of Gingerbread. Update: This is what HTC is doing to Ice Cream Sandwich. And I thought TouchWiz was bad. Please... Just - stop. Stop it. Stop doing this. Go away.
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by kurkosdr on Wed 14th Mar 2012 14:11 UTC
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Ok. Ladies and gentleman why don't you stop whining and start voting with your vallets? If you want PC like env on your phones why don't you look what traditional PC companies have up in their sleeve? Lenovo Asus Acer have nice stock pure ICS devices. Add Chineese tigers like Huawei and ZTE to that and you have a preety good choice to select from."

And what makes you think those manufacturers will push updates in time (or at least in reasonable time)? There is no guarantee. Just look at Nexus S. It runs stock Android (no UI to be ported) and still no ICS.

CustomUIs are not a problem, it's something you can decide if you like it or not at the time of purchase. Upgrades are a problem. There is no way to know how your phone will do regarding upgrades. Even judging OEMs based on past performance may lead you to a wrong choice. Purposely selecting a phone running stock or near stock Android may lead you to a wrong choice (see Nexus or the first Motorola Droid). It's all luck. You can try to increase your chances, but in the end, it's all luck. Windows Phone upgrades are not luck, they are a certainity (even the Omnia eventually got all upgrades) and i am starting to like that.

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