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Internet & Networking Ever since it became clear that Google was not going to push WebM as hard as they should have, the day would come that Mozilla would be forced to abandon its ideals because the large technology companies don't care about an open, unencumbered web. No decision has been made just yet, but Mozilla is taking its first strides to adding support for the native H.264 codecs installed on users' mobile systems. See it as a thank you to Mozilla for all they've done for the web.
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by Adam S on Wed 14th Mar 2012 20:13 UTC
Adam S
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There's no such things as patent-proof video or audio codecs.

Don't believe for a second that if OGG were magically adopted everywhere that suddenly it wouldn't have patent claims against it, because it would.

With Apple and Google behind x264, it's not going to be little guys suffering. With OGG, we'll trade all of our current universality for a subpar codec that will eventually be patent-tested anyway.

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