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Multimedia, AV By reading various media news in the last year or so, a very disturbing pattern appeared. When media providers like Amazon, Apple, Google, Netfix, Microsoft tried to license content off of Hollywood, they were either given extremely high prices, or they were being rejected altogether. Microsoft even canceled a finished XBoX360-related video product recently because they couldn't license content easily, Netflix is given harder and harder time as time goes by (notice how only a few good movies were added to their streaming service in the last few months), and even the almighty Apple had the door shut on its face numerous times.
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Foreign Films
by ozonehole on Wed 14th Mar 2012 22:48 UTC
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There is no real need to produce a lot of new content, because there is already plenty of great stuff being produced outside the USA. Not all of in English, of course, but dialog could be dubbed or subtitled.

Whether or not Americans would want to watch foreign films and TV shows is another question. I personally get pretty sick of the steady diet of violent police action/superhero junk that comes out of Hollywood. Or over-the-top special effects. But the American public is used to watching that kind of garbage, and foreign films/shows are not very accessible. Perusing the video rental stores in the USA, you don't see many foreign films on offer.

Some real competition would force Hollywood to change (hopefully for the better) or go broke.

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