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Windows "With Windows 8 and its radically redesigned Metro interface, Microsoft is offering software developers a new set of challenges and opportunities. Rather than reusing tactics from building for previous versions of desktop Windows, developers are creating applications in the style introduced on Windows Phone, and making them work across the larger screens of multitouch tablets and keyboard-and-mouse-driven PCs. With the Windows 8 Consumer Preview out, many developers have already built preview versions of the apps they plan to offer Windows 8 tablet and PC users. We spoke with the creators of Photobucket's Windows 8 application to get their take on the Metro development process."
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RE: Very good article
by RRockMan on Thu 15th Mar 2012 10:17 UTC in reply to "Very good article"
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I see very, veeery emotional responses to the whole Windows 8 matter. Fortunately, when you provide true data, the overly-vocal emotional people have to shut up or change tones, or be revealed to the public for the uninformed & biased bunch they are...

Metro is something that really messes up with people on an emotional level, evidently.
All the negative usability comments are always completely out of place since you are perfectly able to use the classic desktop if you feel it's more suited for certain operations.
And as you correctly said, it's not just a matter of face-lift here.
I'm probably the only one in the internet completely happy about the direction of Windows 8 (save for the outdated graphical look of the classic interface), and it pisses me off to see all the doom-calling about it, because it's a case of a user-base acting against its own interests.

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