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Internet & Networking Ever since it became clear that Google was not going to push WebM as hard as they should have, the day would come that Mozilla would be forced to abandon its ideals because the large technology companies don't care about an open, unencumbered web. No decision has been made just yet, but Mozilla is taking its first strides to adding support for the native H.264 codecs installed on users' mobile systems. See it as a thank you to Mozilla for all they've done for the web.
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RE[2]: In through the back door.
by Gusar on Thu 15th Mar 2012 12:01 UTC in reply to "RE: In through the back door."
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H.264 is not the better codec. WebM quality-per-bit surpassed it a version or two ago.

Did you confirm this by conducting your own test, encoding the same video with both encoders? May we see the results of that test? I did so a bit more than a year ago, and posted sample screenshots from the encoded videos here. VP8 was lagging behind *a lot* and the encoder was also a lot slower than x264. Sure libvpx has had releases since then, so I'd need to repeat the test to see how much things have changed.

But what I'm trying to say is, unless you provide such a test and the info so that others can reproduce it (I posted command-lines I used to encode the videos), statements about the quality of the encoders have no merit.

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