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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Netflix talks about what it's like developing and testing their Android application. Biggest surprise? They pay specific attention to making sure the applications runs well on popular custom ROMs such as CyaogenMod. Pretty awesome. Now, if only Samsung, HTC, and so on, could do so as well.
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If Netflix can do it
by Moredhas on Thu 15th Mar 2012 21:13 UTC
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If Netflix can put in the time to make their app work on any and all flavours of Android, including the custom ROMs, what are all the other developers complaining about? Sure, the individual guy putting out a "connect three" game might not have the time and budget to bug test on every platform, but there are plenty of commercial developers who do nothing but publicly complain about this so called "fragmentation" of Android.

The biggest problem with developing for Android, from my perspective (can't code a line, just owned a lot of Android devices) would probably be the manufacturer crapware, weighing the device down so the spec sheet means fuck all.

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