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Windows Microsoft has disclosed just which limitations Windows Phone 'Tango' will have on low-end devices (256MB RAM). It's pretty hefty - most importantly, the ability to 'multitask' has been disabled. Aren't there more powerful unlimited Android phones out there? What's the point of all this?
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RE: Point is...
by zima on Thu 15th Mar 2012 23:31 UTC in reply to "Point is..."
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My bet is they will not be allowed to buy Nokia by the EU ;-)

I don't think that will happen because EU won't allow Nokia to be sold to a US company.

Why wouldn't the EU allow it, while allowing for fairly close relation that's already in place? (including closures of some EU Nokia plants, pushed by ex-MS CEO)

And, in the past, the EU allowing for the sale of Skype, one of the largest (already by then, now probably the largest, operations still based in the EU) carriers of international traffic, to several US companies by now ...including Microsoft.

Or, while the EU allows plenty of US-based equipment in its public services networks (non-consumer division of Motorola) or military structures.

BTW, there are reallu no 50-100€ Symbian smartphones, they basically start at the ~100 mark.
50-100 is the range of S40 "dumbphones" ...and S40 is NOT Symbian.
Unified doesn't work for Nokia, they still sell tons of even S30, they would have to outright ignore tons of their present buyers.

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