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In the News While there are some upsides to closed application stores like the App Store, they're not a universally good thing. The story of Bryan Lunduke is an example of what happens when you depend on a company, but a company does not depend on you.
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Apple has no excuse
by ozonehole on Fri 16th Mar 2012 02:10 UTC
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Thom, I think you're being too kind to Apple on this one. Although I don't really know the details in this case, just because the developer is a small-fry doesn't mean that Apple should be dismissive of him. If they've cut off his income due to a "technical glitch" and are in no hurry to correct the problem, they should have full legal liability for his losses. I'll bet if they had to pay for the damage, they wouldn't be so dismissive.

If my ISP suddenly terminated my Internet connection for no reason and took weeks to restore it while ignoring my complaints, I'd be more than a little angry. And if my income depended on that connection, I'd want compensation. In the case of an ISP, I could switch to another provider, but if you're a developer for iEverything you've got no other place to go besides the Apple Store. Seeing how this gives Apple a monopoly, they shouldn't be allowed to abuse this position, but I'm not surprised that they do.

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