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In the News While there are some upsides to closed application stores like the App Store, they're not a universally good thing. The story of Bryan Lunduke is an example of what happens when you depend on a company, but a company does not depend on you.
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Common situation
by mayevski on Fri 16th Mar 2012 06:32 UTC
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I understand that the article is about the Store way of selling software, yet I'd like to add about Apple itself. The problem is that they are completely ignorant about software vendors.

We participate in partnership programs of several large software and hardware vendors, and with Apple it took us a month of time and efforts to register where with other companies it takes a couple of hours.

Now, the company breaks APIs from version to version, forcing the developer to spend extra time on having and maintaining multiple versions of their software. So much blamed Microsoft is now seen as a sample of perfection when it comes to architecture and to relations with developers.

Conseqently it's not surprising that Apple employees treat the software vendor as a third-grade person. I would be more surprised if they fixed an issue in an hour.

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