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Internet & Networking Ever since it became clear that Google was not going to push WebM as hard as they should have, the day would come that Mozilla would be forced to abandon its ideals because the large technology companies don't care about an open, unencumbered web. No decision has been made just yet, but Mozilla is taking its first strides to adding support for the native H.264 codecs installed on users' mobile systems. See it as a thank you to Mozilla for all they've done for the web.
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Apple and Microsoft can been seen as a problem and Google announced it was going to solve it, except they once again didn't causing problems for Mozilla.

Thom pays no attention as to why Google may not have done anything, which you'd expect from a journalist. Instead he turns his article in to a rant against Apple.

What Apple (and Microsoft) may be doing wrong in his eyes is old news. It happened many moons ago and because it happened back then Google announced their way of solving it.

Now fast forward to the present day it turns out Google was all talk, but doing nothing.

No comment on this, instead Thom goes back in time and repeats what we already know. It appears his tries to make it seem Apple and Microsoft are the fault Mozilla got in to problems and not the false promises of Google.

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