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In the News While there are some upsides to closed application stores like the App Store, they're not a universally good thing. The story of Bryan Lunduke is an example of what happens when you depend on a company, but a company does not depend on you.
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RE[5]: Discovery
by jackeebleu on Sat 17th Mar 2012 00:26 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Discovery"
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Yeah, I guess that's why Android is outselling them on phones, and analysts predict the same will happen on tablets by 2015.

Wow, you know what you are right Android is outselling them in phones, whatever that means. That's like saying more people buy 87 Octane gas, while Exxon Mobile makes the most money of all Oil Companies. It doesn't matter the platform, what matters is the company selling them. So yeah, there are more copies of Window sold around the world than OS X, but Apple makes more money and is valued more than Microsoft, HP, Google, and RIM combined. And as far as your comment on what "ANALysts" say, they said the iPad would be a massive failure, the iPad 2 abysmal, the iPhone, a non-starter. So yeah, you were saying what again?

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