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Syllable, AtheOS Version 0.2.5 of the new Red/System programming language has been released, after it celebrated its first birthday at the third Red Developers Conference. Bindings with the standard C library, cURL, SDL and SQLite that were developed over the past year are now properly supported on Syllable Desktop. Conference videos introduce Red/System and the bindings. Earlier, new floating point support was released (Mandelbrot screenshot; demo source, see the .reds file).
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Finally a good news related to syllable.
I guess you noticed that haiku is going (hopefully soon) to get gallium3d working, i hope you can borrow something from them ;) .

I know, I've been working on doing so for BOTH Pyro & Haiku. I'm trying to figure out how to use the pipe drivers without needing DRI/DRM. It's painfully obvious that DRI/DRM don't make sense for OS's like ours, we aren't working with the same core principles that *nix derivatives work with.

I think it will be very difficult for you, because syllable has a really very incomplete api.
In many aspect haiku and syllable are quite similar, that's why i still dont understand why you didnt take haiku-gcc4 and build on top of that.

It's simple, really. Currently, OSes like ours aren't on anyone's radar. The open sourced *nix clones have become successful & virtually slammed the door behind them. In order for OSes like ours to succeed, we must build a common community much like the overall *nix community that's shared by Linux, BSD, MacOS X, & all of the proprietary *nix systems. The only successful way forward is for Haiku, Pyro, & Syllable to create a larger overall community of cooperation. I first realized that this was necessary a few years ago & my original idea called for four main OSes - the three that I've already named & SkyOS. Unfortunately, SkyOS didn't make it. Just as unfortunate, it seems as though major development on Syllable (Desktop) itself has slowed down even more. I was hoping that they'd be able to work through their manpower problems & focus on getting Desktop back on track. Perhaps that'll still happen.

I'm really happy to see hope for new and real development and not "scripting languages" in very early development status.

There's still time for development on Syllable. A new group of developers could always join & help push things along. Regardless, in order for any of us to be successful, there needs to be more of us. More of our style of OS, more developers, & more users. If Syllable fails, then that weakens all of us. However, I had to move forward on things that I thought were necessary, so I joined a group that would allow that to happen.

my best wishes for you and pyro.

Thanks. May we all prosper!

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