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In the News "This American Life has retracted an episode that focused on working conditions inside a Foxconn iPad factory, calling the source material 'partially fabricated'. The episode - the most popular in TAL history with nearly a million streams - was partially based on the work of artist Mike Daisey, who apparently lied to fact-checkers about his experiences visiting Foxconn's facility. Some of the lies were discovered during an interview with Daisey's Chinese translator, who disputed the facts presented in his show and on the air."
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RE[2]: Comment by ilovebeer
by Tony Swash on Sun 18th Mar 2012 14:28 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by ilovebeer"
Tony Swash
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""Apple, this is your problem to fix"

No it's not their problem but nothing Tony said justifies Apple exploiting the workers. If you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem and Apple (and other companies doing this) are not part of the solution.

Rubbish. How could western companies boycotting China help anyone?

Ridiculous and vacuous moral posturing (with a dash of iPhobia thrown in for spice) is no substitute for engaging in a real analysis of the real world which often awkwardly reveals that the problems are complex and the solutions elusive and certainly not quick.

What seems to be missing is any acknowledgement of some basic facts:

a) The conditions of workers in factories making components for Apple are better than average.

b) Jobs in factories such as those run by Foxconn are are hugely sought after because they offer a better standard of living and better life opportunities than the alternatives.

c) The development of modern competitive industrial production in China, as exemplified by companies like Foxconn, has very significantly raised the GDP and standard of living of the Chinese.

d) All of the outrage whipped up around the issue of the conditions of workers in Apple's Chinese supply chain has, it turns out, been based on deliberate lies.

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