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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Some of my recent time has been devoted to making our boot media more Mac friendly, which has entailed rather a lot of rebooting. This would have been fine, if tedious, except that some number of boots would fall over with either a clearly impossible kernel panic or userspace segfaulting in places that made no sense. Something was clearly wrong. Crashes that shouldn't happen are generally an indication of memory corruption. The question is how that corruption is being triggered. Hunting that down wasn't terribly easy." Very interesting - and, unlike what the title suggest, not particularly related to the secure boot stuff.
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As a somewhat happy owner of an MBP laptop, used to run primarily windows, I feel the same pain that Matthew Garrett does - I only miss his fantastic skills to troubleshoot the problems.

The multiboot experience has been a hit and miss since day one. I keep an eye on Apples sw updates, and install any new firmware as soon as it is out, but I still have random bad things happening, such as:

. refit not usable because booting from it disables control of screen brightness

. sometimes coming off from sleep the keyboard is not responding (luckily plugging in an usb mouse, I can enter the password via onscreen keyboard and shutdown)

. sometimes the laptop does not sleep when the lid is closed. And if put in the bag while on, it risks melting down due to overheating

. when laptop goes to sleep because battery is low, it does not really hibernate. When turned on again, it resumes to the point of turning on the screen, then finally hibernates. It takes 30 secs for it to hibernate and come back, grr!

. touchpad driver just plain sucks. A cool one is available from a russian guy, but it's not really open source (asks for money or reinstall every week!)

. battery does not last more than 3 hours, because no drivers are provided for windows to use the on-chip video card for maximum power saving

I managed to get windows installed with 2 partitions, and reserve space on disk for linux, only to find out that there is no triple-boot supported with bootcamp, and that the only way to get all the partitions I want on the disk is to have all OS boot via efi and not via bios. Except that I have to reinstall windows and am damn scared of testing linux bootloaders support for efi...

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