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In the News "This American Life has retracted an episode that focused on working conditions inside a Foxconn iPad factory, calling the source material 'partially fabricated'. The episode - the most popular in TAL history with nearly a million streams - was partially based on the work of artist Mike Daisey, who apparently lied to fact-checkers about his experiences visiting Foxconn's facility. Some of the lies were discovered during an interview with Daisey's Chinese translator, who disputed the facts presented in his show and on the air."
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... It is almost impossible to live in the modern world without being part of this global disaster. Hopefully these countries will be forced to modernize their practices.

Therein lies the rub. Why is so much manufacturing located in Asia anyway? Obviously because it's cheap and profitable for companies to do so.

The day they are forced to manufacture the same way the west does (I mean wages, conditions, etc.) is the day that "outsourcing" and "globalisation" ceases to make ANY sense. Will this be allowed to happen?

Short of a full-on revolution occuring and deciding this course of action, I wouldn't hold my breath for companies to suddenly "do the right thing."

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