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In the News While there are some upsides to closed application stores like the App Store, they're not a universally good thing. The story of Bryan Lunduke is an example of what happens when you depend on a company, but a company does not depend on you.
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Small time dev here
by utumno on Mon 19th Mar 2012 07:11 UTC
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I have a 9-5 ( well, more like 9-7 ) in IT, and on the side I do some mobile development. I have 3 games in several shops: Nokia's Ovi, Android Market, Blackberry's App World, plus some small ones like the Amazon App Store and the Korean T-Store (no, no Apple mostly because all my games are in Java so they are easily portable between Android, Symbian and Blackberry but Apple is Objective-C and I am too lazy to rewrite everything). Best income actually comes from Nokia, even though the games work better in Android ( Nokia has some slight glitching problems I cannot seem to be able to fix ).

I've been doing this for last 2 years. Let me tell you: a small dev is off the radar everywhere. Even RIM or Nokia, the ones that should be caring the most because they are playing catch-up don't give a damn. For example, RIM has declined one of my games because of one IMHO completely bogus legal reason and there's simply no way I could appeal this - they don't reply to dev support emails, and by phone I cannot seem to be able to reach anyone remotely competent.

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