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Windows "Microsoft will finish work on Windows 8 this summer, setting the stage for personal computers and tablets with the operating system to go on sale around October, according to people with knowledge of the schedule." Judging by the community preview, they've got a lot of work yet to do, like, you know, actually making it usable on non-touch devices. What I'm tying to say - pretty aggressive release schedule.
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Another "not usable on desktop" complaint?
by RRockMan on Mon 19th Mar 2012 23:17 UTC
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I don't know what to say... I can only repeat: usability depends on how much accustomed you are to an interface. The fact that ALL modern operating systems are featuring the same paradigm over and over in the last years is probably the only obstacle to Windows 8 usability.
Then of course there are types of applications that simply require classical UIs, but do I really have to remind that Windows 8 also has classic UI? Why does nobody acknowledge this? And if it's about "having to switch constantly from Start Screen to classic because there's no start menu", I don't think you used to do much when you had your start menu open, besides... Well... navigating the menu and clicking what you had to. Well it's the same here, what's the difference? I'll tell you what it is: not being accustomed to it.
When you'll have the same years of experience with Metro, we'll be making fair comparisons.

Note: also research all the key and mouse bindings associated with the Metro interface, you're up to some surprises.

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