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Syllable, AtheOS Version 0.2.5 of the new Red/System programming language has been released, after it celebrated its first birthday at the third Red Developers Conference. Bindings with the standard C library, cURL, SDL and SQLite that were developed over the past year are now properly supported on Syllable Desktop. Conference videos introduce Red/System and the bindings. Earlier, new floating point support was released (Mandelbrot screenshot; demo source, see the .reds file).
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by zima on Tue 20th Mar 2012 00:55 UTC
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I believe this is the first time when I realized how indecent a representation of Mandelbrot set ( ) can be ;) (I guess thanks to "shading" - or lack of it - used, and/or a bit unorthodox orientation, you somehow made it's bottom reminiscent of, well, bottoms ;) )

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