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Syllable, AtheOS Version 0.2.5 of the new Red/System programming language has been released, after it celebrated its first birthday at the third Red Developers Conference. Bindings with the standard C library, cURL, SDL and SQLite that were developed over the past year are now properly supported on Syllable Desktop. Conference videos introduce Red/System and the bindings. Earlier, new floating point support was released (Mandelbrot screenshot; demo source, see the .reds file).
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RE: GTK binding
by Kaj-de-Vos on Tue 20th Mar 2012 12:19 UTC in reply to "GTK binding "
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Red and Syllable overlap, but they're not the same project. Some things I do for Red are hard to bring to Syllable. However, it has always been my goal to bring the Syllable and REBOL lines together, so yes, I would like to get more of Red's abilities to work on Syllable Desktop. To make that easier, I slice it into smaller steps by first developing them on Syllable Server.

I am indeed looking into Enlightenment and GTK+, but as of yet, they're not ported to Syllable Desktop. Qt is still not very useful to us in this context, because C++ interfaces are hard and inefficient to bind to any other language. Not many toolkits written in C remain, so GTK+ and Enlightenment are the natural ones to bind to Red (or any other non-C++ language).

Unfortunately, GTK+ and Qt are still extremely bloated, and they're not designed for the Syllable architecture, so our misgivings about them remain in that respect. As I hope you remember, we have always said we don't object to anyone porting them, but we don't have the time to do it ourselves, and we won't suddenly start liking them. Then again, despite much talk, nobody actually ported them, so we may have to do it ourselves eventually. Despite even more talk, nobody wrote many native Syllable programs, either, so we do have to look into other ways to get applications, even if they don't fit the Syllable architecture perfectly.

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