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Linux Linux 3.3 has been released. The changes include the merge of kernel code from the Android project. There is also support for a new architecture (TI C6X), much improved balancing and the ability to restripe between different RAID profiles in Btrfs, and several network improvements: a virtual switch implementation (Open vSwitch) designed for virtualization scenarios, a faster and more scalable alternative to the "bonding" driver, a configurable limit to the transmission queue of the network devices to fight bufferbloat, a network priority control group and per-cgroup TCP buffer limits. There are also many small features and new drivers and fixes are also available. Here's the full changelog.
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RE: vSwitch?
by Laurence on Tue 20th Mar 2012 17:14 UTC in reply to "vSwitch?"
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Cool, I did not know that Linux also copied the Crossbow concept from OpenSolaris

Soon Linux has copied everything that Solaris invented.

OpenSolaris equally owes a large debt of gratitude to Linux too. GRUB and Gnome are direct ports from GNU/Linux and essential components to OpenSolaris. This isn't even just Sun/Oracle copying the concepts of those GNU projects - it's direct code rips.

All software borrows from each other. It's impossible to write 100% original concepts 100% of the time.

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