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Linux "If you meet Linus Torvalds, he comes off as a mild-mannered, down-to-earth Finnish-American. He lives with his wife Tove, three kids, a cat, a dog, a snake, a goldfish, a bunny and a pet rat in a comfortable 6000 square foot home just north of Portland's tony Lake Oswego neighborhood. The house is yellow - his favorite color - and so's the Mercedes. But he's not really like any of his neighbors. He drives his Mercedes fast, slamming the car into gear and flooring it. There's no coaxing, no hesitation. Either the hammer is down, or the car is at rest. And he has an abnormal number of stuffed penguins on his mantle." Yup, sounds like the to-the-point Fin we all know and love.
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RE: I like Linus
by kwan_e on Tue 20th Mar 2012 23:38 UTC in reply to "I like Linus"
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He seems much more pragmatic about things than Stallman.

Everyone says Stallman is religious, but I don't think everyone has thought it through at all.

The GPL, for example, acknowledges the fact that people would like to be rewarded for their work, so it requires people give source code back. If people don't like it, then they don't use GPL code in their own code.

BSD apologists, on the other hand, are willing to sacrifice actual freedoms in return for an ideological freedom. And if ideological freedom is not religious then I don't know what is. The pragmatic Linus Torvalds chooses to remain with the GPL for pragmatic reasons.

Who is REALLY religious in the open source world are people like Theo de Raadt. And even then, given the security work that comes out of that, I say that's not a bad thing. In this case, being religious about standards of work delivers results.

Not to mention that Stallman's predictions about our rights being taken away are widely acknowledged to be happening. People are being denied to right to read or see videos or listen to music on their own terms.

I've come to the conclusion that anyone who says Stallman is "religious" or "ideological" haven't actually thought things through at all, but rather following popular opinion because it's fashionable.

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