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Linux "If you meet Linus Torvalds, he comes off as a mild-mannered, down-to-earth Finnish-American. He lives with his wife Tove, three kids, a cat, a dog, a snake, a goldfish, a bunny and a pet rat in a comfortable 6000 square foot home just north of Portland's tony Lake Oswego neighborhood. The house is yellow - his favorite color - and so's the Mercedes. But he's not really like any of his neighbors. He drives his Mercedes fast, slamming the car into gear and flooring it. There's no coaxing, no hesitation. Either the hammer is down, or the car is at rest. And he has an abnormal number of stuffed penguins on his mantle." Yup, sounds like the to-the-point Fin we all know and love.
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RE[2]: I like Linus
by lucas_maximus on Wed 21st Mar 2012 00:07 UTC in reply to "RE: I like Linus"
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Lol Wot?

He is religious because he thinks all software should be free and somehow people rights are being taken away, while using Windows and are "mentally shackled" ... Apparently closed source software has got Matrix like powers.

It is absolutely ridiculous

The GPL rewards the user not the developer.

True lock in comes from "Software Design Decisions".

Did you know that some computers didn't have a notion of a file at all (the original mac or lisa before Jobs took over the project, didn't have the very notion of "files").

MIDI has locked music notes to certain exact frequencies, this didn't exist before MIDI.

But it is easier I supposed to rant about licenses than actually think on a higher abstract level like the software design itself.

WE are locked into design decisions made 30 years ago.

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