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BeOS & Derivatives After being broken in Haiku for quite a while, Axel Dorfler has fixed SMP: "Our SMP configuration is pretty weak right now - it only supports virtual-wire mode which is only one of two possible modes every compatible IA-32 MP system should support." There's even a screenshot to prove it.
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RE: Nice screenshot :D
by Datatec on Tue 25th Oct 2005 20:12 UTC in reply to "Nice screenshot :D"
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Well BeOS 4.5 and 5 (personal and Pro) ran well on P1's I still have an old P1 200 running Pro. When I was using it it was mainly for web development and some multimedia stuff. It was the only OS I could listen to mp3's while surfing the internet and burning cd's. (without getting stuttering music or making coasters ala win98)

As for Haiku, As far as I know it still works on these older processors, However since a full beta release has not been made you would most likly do some work to get it installed. However there are some Disk/VPC/Boch/VMware images around you could easily play with. Especially since VMware is now giving away their player.

(just to note though, these are test builds so you can crash the pre-alpha app/desktop server fairly easily)

Free VMware Player

Haiku Images
(if his site has not yet been taken down from the traffic)

Building Haiku

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