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Legal Some people (you know who) predicted the Oracle-Google lawsuit would spell doom for Google and Android. Well, turns out this was all a huge fuss over nothing. Oracle's damages claim started at an idiotic $6 billion - but the final claim is less than $100 million. Oracle's patent trolling is turning into a huge failure of epic proportions.
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by MOS6510 on Wed 21st Mar 2012 09:48 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by ilovebeer"
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Despite you paying attention to this patent stuff or any other court cases for some time you still don't know how it works. You keep presenting it in a childish good vs bad and I win and you lose scenario. Or worse, "I lost, but I didn't want to win anyway, so I still got the better of you, nananah".

They start with a claim of Big X and present as evidence Big Y. Most cases don't end in a victory for either party, but in a settlement. During the proceedings Big X goes down to Small X and Big Y to Small Y. This sets things up for a settlement both parties agree too and live goes on.

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