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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Because I've been spending days browsing through XDA, reading CM changelogs, and flashing nightly builds, I'm still in an Android state of mind, so excuse me for more talk on the subject. An interesting study has been performed which found that advertisements in Android applications are a huge battery drain - they account for up to 75% of an application's battery usage.
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RE[3]: websites?
by maccouch on Wed 21st Mar 2012 12:19 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: websites?"
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apart from your "a tad violent" phrasing, the issue is that i cant/is-not-viable to selectively use the adblock. I enable it and it sits there doing its job. I don't even remember it anymore.

What do you propose? that i deliberately go into each site with adblock disabled and then enable it if the website uses too many ads or ads that are not my-taste-suitable? that's just dreaming.

I agree with you that ads can be non-annoying or obtruding but unfortunately 99.9% of the ads today in 99.999% of the websites are. How can we tell them apart?

ideally, and if i could just ask that from the internet deities, Adblock would be standard on every browser with two small changes:

1) that i can whitelist ad-networks.
exampe: the Fusion Ads on most mac centric blogs/websites are pretty nice. one ad per page and content is relevant to the add and vice-versa.

2) that i can say: "i want to see at most N adds" and then the Adnetworks and Website managers would order their adds in importance order on the website code.
So, if you just can show me 2 adds, what will they be? you can't shove 99 ads trough my throat, so please just chose 2!

That would probably satisfy both parties and would make a usable system. but unfortunately it seems too reasonable to actually get a change in the race-to-the-bottom tech world we live in.


i had a quick reflection on our disability to be reasonable like this on my blog: and i think i will probably just post this comment there also. Maybe here and there someone will read it and help us to make it happen.

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