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GNU, GPL, Open Source It's been a while since we caught up with Stallman. But a couple months ago we took a look around at what's happening with law, politics and technology and realized that he maybe perhaps his extremism and paranoia were warranted all along. So when we were contacted by an Iranian Linux publication and asked if we would like to publish an English translation of a recent interview they had done with Stallman, I thought that it was a particularly rich opportunity.
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What we blame him for is his stupid "proprietary software == evil", and if you don't agree with that and release some software as proprietary, you are evil too. No, he doesn't care if most people don't think proprietary software == evil and that you can't declare proprietary software evil without declaring the whole idea of copyright evil.

Regardless of whether people follow his reasons for proprietary software being evil, the fact remains that his prediction of the effects of proprietary software on social structures is correct & the effects are coming to fruition. In other words, it doesn't matter that a person might believe that lions are evil, if he's telling you that you shouldn't try use a wild lion as a pet & that the lion is going to eventually try to eat you. Are you going to disregard the guy warning you about the lion just because you think he's crazy, you don't think he baths regularly, or you think he's a jerk???

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