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Linux "If you meet Linus Torvalds, he comes off as a mild-mannered, down-to-earth Finnish-American. He lives with his wife Tove, three kids, a cat, a dog, a snake, a goldfish, a bunny and a pet rat in a comfortable 6000 square foot home just north of Portland's tony Lake Oswego neighborhood. The house is yellow - his favorite color - and so's the Mercedes. But he's not really like any of his neighbors. He drives his Mercedes fast, slamming the car into gear and flooring it. There's no coaxing, no hesitation. Either the hammer is down, or the car is at rest. And he has an abnormal number of stuffed penguins on his mantle." Yup, sounds like the to-the-point Fin we all know and love.
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RE[7]: I like Linus
by kwan_e on Thu 22nd Mar 2012 01:42 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: I like Linus"
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An apologist is a derogatory term, at least in common usage. It is generally taken to mean somebody who makes excuses for something beyond rational or logical limits.

It's almost as bad as fanboy

No on both counts.

I think someone's a bit too sensitive. Why do you not go after that poster who used "Freetard"? That's more derogatory than "apologist".

Your understanding of what an apologist is is wrong, plain and simple. An apologist is someone who merely apologizes for a certain point of view. They may make excuses, or they may use rational and logical arguments.

Someone who apologizes for BSD style licences is thus a BSD apologist. It does not put down anyone for choosing the BSD licence - it merely describes those who take the step of apologizing for BSD, mainly by attacking people who choose the GPL.

The same description would apply for someone who apologizes for the GPL. In my time of following this back and forth discussion, it's mainly been BSD apologists attacking GPL users for "stealing code", forgetting the fact that they don't have to use GPL code in the first place if they don't want to pay it back.

How is that argument not an apologetic for BSD and how is that rational or logical in any way?

This is why I continue to say you lot just haven't thought things though at all. Thinking things through is not "religious".

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