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Games As I made very clear in my thorough review of Mass Effect 2, I'm a huge BioWare fan. This relationship got very, very cloudy when BioWare released Dragon Age II, a rush job with no story and atrocious gameplay. Mass Effect 3 looked like redemption - until I hit the terrible, terrible ending. The criticism of the ending has been so immense and consistent, BioWare is contemplating changing it. Of course, this story is riddled with spoilers, so be warned.
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My take on Bioware
by Yagami on Thu 22nd Mar 2012 03:47 UTC
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My Backstory :

Bioware is actually the few game companies i really love ( other is square soft with chrono trigger/cross ).

Baldurs Gate is one of the best games i played, played Neverwinter nights and Dragon's age I and am on the middle of Dragon Age 2 ( for a long time now ).

I just finished, ... 5 minutes ago Mass Effect 3. I saw this story on Osnews and though... gonna finish the game today ! ;)

I had the luck of playing Mass Effect 1 and 2 almost one after the other. I think it was only one month between. Maybe this was key, being able to play ME1 and ME2 just like if they were the same game.

Mass Effect 1 blew me away, really loved the game. Mass Effect 2 was amazing to me. I felt a little down that it was "do this mission to get this caracter and then go to the final" but I really fell in love with some of them. Garrus, Grunt were always on my team. Garrus missions and Grunts missions will forever be remembered.

I read about the end being bad while playing Mass Effect 3 (although i didnt knew the end, just that it was bad). While playing i kept thinking to my self : "this game can have the worst end, it still one of the games of my life". The Universe was amazing, it really felt like i was there. Stories like the Geth-Quarians ( really the best, really great V.I./Tron moment with sad story to tell) and seeing grunt after saving the Queen was amazing. Garrus always on my team, heh ;)

About the ending : I am mixed about the ending, it felt short and all that. It did answered the "whats controlling the reapers question" though. AND I FUCKING glad that there was no "And they lived happilly ever after" ending. Serious ending to a serious story. Could be much serious though.

About the gameplay : I actually loved the gameplay. I havent loved playing a FPS game so much since Doom or Aliens VS predators 1. In the question "if this game had no story would i play it ?" HELL yes. It actually played very well for me. I tried alot of gun combinations, the Powers were important, It actually clicked to me.

There is soooo much i hate about games today (PES and FIFA ... really, how many years is it gonna take to make a good soccer game???), but honestly, kudos to BioWare for Mass Effect. Really loved it.

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