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Windows "Microsoft will finish work on Windows 8 this summer, setting the stage for personal computers and tablets with the operating system to go on sale around October, according to people with knowledge of the schedule." Judging by the community preview, they've got a lot of work yet to do, like, you know, actually making it usable on non-touch devices. What I'm tying to say - pretty aggressive release schedule.
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With the "classic desktop" of pre-Win7, there's a big "START" button on the screen, that kind of draws you toward clicking on it in order to "start" doing things. That's gone in the "classic desktop" of Win8.

Actually the start label has been gone since Vista. An orb with the product logo isn't intuitive. It seems that way because we're familiar with the UI.

With the login screen of previous systems, there were either big hints (Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to Login) or big icons on the screen for you click on, with words explaining what to do. With Win8, it's just a clock. No hints. No explanations. No icons. Just a clock.


With the Start menu in Vista/7, there's at least a hint that you can start typing to find things. With the Start screen in 8, there's nothing of the sort.

Because you can use the Search function or type to search like in Vista and 7.

No little super-imposed icons. No little text hints anywhere. No little bubbles popping up like in XP.

Well, at least it doesn't SCREAM and lets me actually work now :-)

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