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GNU, GPL, Open Source It's been a while since we caught up with Stallman. But a couple months ago we took a look around at what's happening with law, politics and technology and realized that he maybe perhaps his extremism and paranoia were warranted all along. So when we were contacted by an Iranian Linux publication and asked if we would like to publish an English translation of a recent interview they had done with Stallman, I thought that it was a particularly rich opportunity.
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One big hole
by Moochman on Thu 22nd Mar 2012 17:57 UTC
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His answer about how to earn a living on free software is mind-bogglingly short-sighted IMHO. His argument is that "most paid software development is custom"--whatever that means, I believe he is referring to custom-tailored software created for in-house use within an organization. Be that as it may, most *used* software is not custom -- it's mostly commercial software distributed on a large scale to the unwashed masses, at relatively cheap prices due to economies of scale. The only reason there are so many jobs in "custom" software despite its niche status is that the developers charge an arm and a leg for it to make up for the low number of licenses.

So given that the "non-custom" software is actually more important to 99% of users, what is Stallman's proposal to replace the proprietary model for said infinitely more useful non-custom software? hmmm???

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