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Games As I made very clear in my thorough review of Mass Effect 2, I'm a huge BioWare fan. This relationship got very, very cloudy when BioWare released Dragon Age II, a rush job with no story and atrocious gameplay. Mass Effect 3 looked like redemption - until I hit the terrible, terrible ending. The criticism of the ending has been so immense and consistent, BioWare is contemplating changing it. Of course, this story is riddled with spoilers, so be warned.
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RE[3]: Who gives a damn?
by fran on Thu 22nd Mar 2012 22:55 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Who gives a damn?"
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yeh man, how dare they:-)
take another example. War of the worlds
You should think that aliens that cross the galaxy to reach us (an apparently lots of other planets), then be able to survived hibernated and cocooned in the soil for thousands of years to at least have biotechnology to withstand earth diseases when they eventually surface. Or at least where bio suits or something. But no, they died, spectacularly soon.
Good sci is always sort off plausible or logical.

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