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Legal "Google has filed a brief at a federal court in Florida defending the file-hosting site Hotfile in its case against the MPAA. The search giant accuses the movie companies of misleading the court and argues that Hotfile is protected under the DMCA's safe harbor. Indirectly, Google is also refuting claims being made by the US government in the criminal case against Megaupload." Obviously, Google isn't really defending Hotfile or MegaUpload here - they're defending themselves by proxy.
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by Laurence on Fri 23rd Mar 2012 13:00 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: ..."
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Why not both?

The "credibility" gained from this would be negligible.

Most people don't care, many people even believe the propaganda that Hotfile (et al) are illegal darknets that should be terminated and the staff imprisoned for life.

But most importantly, those that do care are not all leaving Google in their droves anyway. YouTube is a de facto standard for video sharing. Google Maps is the de facto standard for maps and Google Search is the de facto standard search engine.

Google don't stand to loose much in terms of public opinion. However they will loose a great deal if the courts rule that YouTube is illegal off the back of the Hotfile / Megaupload saga.

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