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Games As I made very clear in my thorough review of Mass Effect 2, I'm a huge BioWare fan. This relationship got very, very cloudy when BioWare released Dragon Age II, a rush job with no story and atrocious gameplay. Mass Effect 3 looked like redemption - until I hit the terrible, terrible ending. The criticism of the ending has been so immense and consistent, BioWare is contemplating changing it. Of course, this story is riddled with spoilers, so be warned.
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RE[6]: no thanks
by lucas_maximus on Fri 23rd Mar 2012 13:12 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: no thanks"
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"why The Expendables did so well

Expendables did well? That's a surprise, guess there's some life left in the old dogs yet.

Anyway, caught good old Die Hard on tv couple of nights ago, still works for me after all these years with Alan Rickman making something interesting out of a cardboard villain and Bruce Willis being up to form, those were the days.

Off my head I think my top 5 action flicks would be:

1. Leon (not really 'pure' action flick but hey, it's awesome)
2. Die Hard
3. Aliens
4. First Blood
5. Terminator 2

I'm stuck in the 80's and 90's it seems...

When I saw the expendables the cinema was packed out and this was at the advanced screenings which cost more.

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