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Mozilla & Gecko clones Still holding on to Windows 2000, XP RTM or XP SP1? No more Firefox for you, my friend - Mozilla has just upped its minimum supported Windows version to Windows XP SP2. In addition, support for Firefox 3.6 will end April 24. Asa Dotzler presents Opera as an alternative for you crazy people still on Windows 2000, XP RTM or XP SP1.
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RE[3]: Firefox 10 ESR
by acobar on Sat 24th Mar 2012 02:53 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Firefox 10 ESR"
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Almost same here, 2 notebooks and 4 "desktops". 2 Desktops with XPSP3 + openSUSE. They boot really fast. One notebook with vista (came with it), the other has Win7 + openSUSE. The other 2 are used as servers. All Win* machines are "locked" and the account used for common tasks does not have adm privileges.

I know it depends on the user, but I never got a virus on any them. Actually, the funny thing is that I use the 2 XPSP3 to clean from virus HDs from machines that use WIn7, mostly.

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