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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless I'm currently reading Jerry Kaplan's excellent book "Startup: a Silicon Valley adventure". In this book, Kaplan, founder and CEO of GO Corp., details the founding, financing and eventual demise of his highly innovative company, including the development and workings of their product. What's so surprising about this book is just how timeless it really is - the names and products may have changed, but the business practices and company attitudes surely haven't.
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The fact that you call it a Phenomena is proof of the reality distortion field...

Apple's market cap is bigger right now than the entire US S&P retail sector combined... It is bigger than the entire Semiconductor industry as well. And that is with a ridiculously low P/E ratio of about 15...

That IS reality - there is no distortion field involved. If that is not a Phenomena-with-a-capitol-P I don't really understand what would do it for ya ;) Who else has done that?

You made the argument that Apple is somehow unique. Well, I gave my reasons why they're not actually unique, but follows in the footsteps of other companies who have similarly cornered a market of their own.

What? Name a market that Apple has cornered... ANY market. There isn't one. All of the markets Apple has products in are extremely competitive (and not with empty suits - companies with REAL money and resources to compete).

Sorry, but Apple is not special. Don't feel sad. They're just not. People buy Apple for media devices out of reflex. In the same way people buy Coke out of reflex. In the same way people use Google search out of reflex. In the same way people expect others to have a Facebook account out of reflex.

Ok, but so what? Apple certainly practices market psychology - there is no denying that. So does everyone else - like Coke and Google and Facebook. Whats your point? That isn't what makes them unique or special - their success is. WHY are they so successful???

I don't know exactly what makes them special, but they certainly ARE special - because they have a market cap hovering over 500 billion dollars and they make as you say "shiny trendy gadgets"...

Doesn't that seem peculiar to you? Being able to sell $500+ gadgets that no one needs at incredible volume with extremely high profit margins... Reflex purchases, reality distortion fields, voodoo, whatever... a company that can demonstrate an ability to do that repeatedly is most certainly special.

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